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Pet Appliance

PT-250 Infrared Ear Thermometer for Pets
+) Instant Infrared Ear Thermometer for Animals
+) The Only One Designed Especially for Pets
+) Fast, Accurate and Easy to Monitor Temperature
+) Celsius & Fahrenheit Switchable
+) Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy

OT-2000 Wireless Otoscope
+) 2.4G Wireless Otoscope
for Observations on Ear Canals,
also applied on Skin Pores, Fingerprint, ...etc.
+) 20x ~ 200x Magnification
+) Manual Focus Adjustments & High Resolution
+) Color Picture Taking & Memory Storage
+) USB Terminal

WW-03P Nursing Pad for Pets
+) Easy to Place on Top of Bedding, Carpet,
Chair, and Places Where Pets Lay
+) Soft to Touch. Absorbent. Water Resistant.
+) Great at Keeping Things Clean and Dry
+) Good for: New-Born Puppy/Kitty,
Pets with Urine Leakage Problems, ...etc.

ES-71p  Pet Stain & Odor Remover

+) Super H2O2 Citrus Cleaner
+) Multi-purpose cleaners, degreaser & odor eliminator
+) Food Grade Approved & Non-toxic
+) Certified by Canada ECP & USA Green Seal
+) Great for cleaning on carpet & any types of floors
    where pets are around, and pet's bowl, bed, house/cage, ...

ES-58p  Envirocide Odor Eliminator for Pet

+) Not a cover-up. Non-toxic. Health & Safety
+) Features envirocide, a unique blend of essential oils selected
    to absorb, combine & neutralize odors
+) Renders the worst odors, such as pet's urine, feces
+) Certified by Canada ECP

ES-60p  Bio-odor Remover for Pets

+) Live action bacterial formula. Eucalyptus odor counteractant
+) Effective as a carpet spotter for organic spills
+) Spray directly on urine deposits & wipe off any excess product
     not absorbed into the surface
+) Biodegradability, Natural Renewable Resources
+) Non-toxic, Health & Safety

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